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East End Great Renovations Inc. is proud to be able to offer the very best service and installations in the industry. Our companies conception was to provide economical solutions for your commercial and residential remodeling needs. We’re experienced. We’re reliable. We’re honest. And we’re anxious to get started!



East End Great Renovations Inc. is the premiere household concierge company of the Eastern Long Island Region. With its proprietary home watch system, East End Great Renovations Inc. can catch small issues before they turn into major problems or prevent problems from happening altogether. Over the past few years, Great Renovations has saved homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars by catching minor issues before they turn into major insurance claims.

             DECKS & PLAY AREAS

A deck or pergola can be a wonderful addition to your home and yard. It adds living space to the home and beauty to your yard. Homeowners all over the country have been expanding their living spaces to include the outdoors. Building versatile living spaces that feature everything from quiet places to read to fully functional outdoor entertaining spaces complete with kitchens and dining areas.

                  HOME OFFICES

Whether you work from home or just occasionally work at home, a nice home office can serve as more than just a space to work. It's also a sanctuary for creative thinking, reading, or whatever else you're into. If you are thinking of building or updating your dream space, Contact us!

Class Act Concierge Services is the foremost  leader in Concierge Services. We offer East Enders concierge and errand services including: Managing your daily to-do list, Personal Shopping, Party Planning, Travel Arrangements, Getaway Planning, Dinner Reservations, Stylist Reservations and Recommendations, Dry Cleaning Drop-Off & Pickup, Plant Watering / Home Care, Dog Walking, DMV and Prescription Filling, and so much more!


If you're thinking about building or retrofitting your home with a home theater or media room give us a call and we will design a system that meets all of your expectations...

        Yes... We Do Them!!
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East End Great Renovations is recognized as the leading provider of commercial construction services throughout eastern Long Is. With a successful record of completing a wide variety of commercial construction projects, ranging from large-scale complex projects to smaller projects with tight deadlines and budgets, our team is capable of taking on commercial construction development projects of any size, scope and situation. We understand that when it comes to the demanding logistics of commercial construction—quality, speed and cost all make a critical difference.

A finished basement, or a garage conversion, allows you to better accommodate your family and friends when they need a place to stay or play!. You can transform either a portion of your basement or the entire lower level into the ultimate guest suite. Imagine a private, spacious environment that features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area—your guests are going to love it! When your loved ones know that you have a separate space waiting for them, they are certain to visit your home more often. 

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